Do you need to capture a hulking creature capable of destroying continents? Looking to power the army of Undead on an apocalyptic march? Maybe you need a simple fairy god mother to grant your wishes from a high wire? If you have the grandest of ideas or the broadest of briefs, our experience of over 20 years will ensure you deliver on your vision.


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Our Facilities

The technical credentials at our brand new purpose built facility near Uxbridge town center are very impressive. Utilising a 23m L x 13m W x 5m H capture volume, the studio is equipped with 84 Motion Analysis Raptor 4 high resolution cameras with over 148 in reserve for location shoots.


Centroid's mobile facility can be set up in any location that can house the marquee system, which is composed of tri lite truss and can be used anywhere in the world as a standalone studio.


There are occasions when the requirements of a shoot call for motion capture to be taken out of the studio environment. Centroid can devise bespoke solutions to achieve your needs in a wide range of alternative locations.


Over the last two decades, Centroid has grown to provide a full range of services to compliment any production. We pride ourselves on bringing enthusiasm, skill and experience to all aspects of our work.

In the pre-production phase, our team will help with everything from casting to prop builds and all aspects of shoot logistics.

Utilising Europe's largest Motion capture sound studio or on location with our mobile rig, Centroid uses the latest technology and highest standards to translate performance into outstanding data.

Once the shoot is complete, our post team ensure the highest standards are carried through to the final delivery of your data.

  • Pre-Production Consultation
  • Casting and Talent Sourcing
  • Prop and Set Building/Sourcing
  • Studio Demonstration
  • Sample Data
  • Security
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  • Full Performance Capture
  • In-house Props
  • Body and Facial Capture
  • Cut Scene and Cinematic Capture
  • Sports and Animal Capture
  • Virtual Production & Live Previsualisation
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  • Body/Face Data Clean-up
  • Body Solving and Retarget
  • Face Data Tracking and Retarget
  • Motion Editing and Post Animation
  • Character and Camera Layout
  • Crowd Scene Creation and Simulation
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Centroid are involved in many projects outside of the Game, Film and Television industries


Our Community programme is aimed at unmasking Performance Capture in all its forms and making it more accessible to the masses.


Our Arts programme was originally inspired by Artists wishing to explore new ways to use Performance Capture to achieve their concepts.


Our Sports programme builds on the already established link between Motion Capture and sports analysis.


Our Education programme was designed to offer Centroid as an industry partner to schools and universities teaching courses in animation and visual effects.