There's a studio for that...

We produce work for clients across the entertainment industry. Here are just a few examples!

The technical credentials at our new facility near Pinewood Studios in Uxbridge are very impressive. Utilising a 23m L x 13m W x 5m H capture volume, the studio is equipped with 84 Motion Analysis Raptor 4 cameras with an additional 148 Motion Analysis cameras in reserve. Add to that the impressive ability to pre-visualise all motion capture, with or without VR or virtual cameras, as well as all the home comforts our clients have come to expect. Production offices for clients, green room, and changing facilities.... it's all covered.

Full performance capture

Centroid offers a state of the art full performance capture volume of up to 23m L x 13m W x 5m H, capturing face, body and fingers simultaneously. Our abundance of high-resolution digital cameras will allow us to set-up a flexible configuration meeting the needs of the most demanding projects.

Body capture

The volume has the capability of capturing 10 performers simultaneously, which is suitable for the most demanding of cutscenes, stunt co-ordination, crowd simulation and sports applications.

Facial capture

Centroid have a number of facial solutions and can offer bespoke systems for client specific requirements, any of which can capture multiple faces enabling flawless interaction between performers.

Our Portfolio

We produce work for clients across the entertainment industry. Explore our portfolio!


At Centroid we are fortunate to work in a very exciting and fast moving industry. Our motion capture services have a wide variety of applications including sport, the arts and medical sciences but primarily we work in Games, TV and Film


As well as film, the Video Games market was also one of the early adopters of motion capture technology, using it for in-game locomotion as well as cinematic sequences.


One of the first movies to use motion capture was Lost in Space and Centroid were fortunate enough to cut our teeth on this CG heavy production. Since then our portfolio of work on major feature film productions has grown exponentially.


Of recent years television has increasingly embraced motion capture. Storylines that utilise partial or full CG effects are increasingly popular, and utilise our studio to bring these new worlds to life.