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Full performance capture - optical and optical-hmc combined

Staffed by enthusiastic, skilled staff, you know that you are getting a wealth of knowledge with internationally acknowledged leaders in motion capture. This can be standard body movement or with the addition of a head mounted camera, full performance capture.

While capturing body data, we use up to 56 markers on the performer's suit. This ensures particularly clean data and strong real-time pre-vis. During a shoot this is our main focus as capturing the cleanest data will give you the best possible results by the end of the process.

It's not just humans that go in to suits on our stage. We have captured camels, horses, dogs and snakes, in fact, if it moves we can capture it!

In-house props

Our Pinewood studio offers an extensive range of props such as guns, shields, swords and sports equipment. In addition we have a range of steps, blocks, ramps, crash mats and our modular Lobo scaffold system, to quickly and efficiently build environments for the performers to interact with.

Body capture

This is our core business. Centroid has been recording the body performances of anything from an actor, stunt performer, or sports person to a camel, horse or dog for over 20 years. Our years of industry experience means our client can expect data quality that is second to none.

Facial capture - optical-hmc

Centroid offer two distinct to facial capture solutions. Head Mounted Cameras, or HMCs, use a front mounted camera which records facial performance in sync with body capture.

Alternatively, there is optical facial capture. This uses 2 mm reflective markers within a bespoke 12 to 16 motion capture volume. This is generally used when the facial performance can be captured independently of body data.

Cut scene and cinematic capture

The evolution of games console technology has led to the adoption of the style and conventions of modern film making. Cinematic cameras, complex story lines with strong emotional content between characters is now commonplace. Utilising our roster of professional motion capture performers Centroid will always sure the best talent will be in place to tell your story.

In-game and locomotive capture

Our studio floor space allows our clients to maximising what can be captured. When it comes to locomotion and in-game movement the more cycles that can be captured in a single take the easier the editing the phase and final integration it into the game engine.

Sports capture

Centroid has a long history of capturing all major sports for games, cinema, adverts and TV. Years of experience has allowed us to develop techniques to capture clean and precise data and will move your production to another level and thrill your audience. From rugby, football and boxing to the world’s largest capture volume for tennis and basketball.

Live pre-visualisation

Previs or Previsualization is always a great benefit to any shoot. The term refers to applying the live performance from a mocap actor to a digital character within a virtual environment in real-time. This visual feedback, which showcases how all of these elements come together, has proven to be invaluable to directors.

Virtual camera and set

Centroid have two virtual camera systems that allow clients to navigate virtual environments and experiment with camera staging and placement. The VCS (Virtual Camera System) is very similar to stripped down camera unit. With a built-in monitor and incremental controls it allows the user to move and position the camera freely within the 3D environment. This has proved to be very intuitive with clients from a film and/or television background.

The second camera control system has been developed in house. This uses an Xbox controller to manipulate the camera and has proved to be very popular with games clients from game development.

Online portal - streamer

In order to cater to clients unable to attend a shoot or looking to an affordable alternative to a traditional shoot Centroid has created Steamer, an online portal that allows you to connect to our studio from anywhere in the world.

Saving you time and money, you will be able to direct the action on our studio floor through three witness cameras and our live Previsualization steam, talking to the performers as if you were in the room. This can be used on an hourly or day by day basis.

Our Portfolio

We produce work for clients across the entertainment industry. Explore our portfolio!


At Centroid we are fortunate to work in a very exciting and fast moving industry. Our motion capture services have a wide variety of applications including sport, the arts and medical sciences but primarily we work in Games, TV and Film


As well as film, the Video Games market was also one of the early adopters of motion capture technology, using it for in-game locomotion as well as cinematic sequences.


One of the first movies to use motion capture was Lost in Space and Centroid were fortunate enough to cut our teeth on this CG heavy production. Since then our portfolio of work on major feature film productions has grown exponentially.


Of recent years television has increasingly embraced motion capture. Storylines that utilise partial or full CG effects are increasingly popular, and utilise our studio to bring these new worlds to life.