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Body/face data clean up

Our dedicated team of data trackers at Centroid Serbia clean and process all of our marker data. This process involves identifying markers, removing vibrations and calculating the positions of occluded markers. The result is smooth seamless data.

Body solving and retarget

With the clean tracked data received from our team in Serbia, we begin the process of solving and retargeting in Pinewood. This is the ultimate process that brings characters to life with the performance captured on stage. Our post team send out data samples that allow our clients to review the ‘fit’ of the data to the relevant digital character(s). Once approved data delivery can begin.

Face data tracking and retarget

Our post team begin by tracking landmarks on the performers face. This data provides continuous tracking points for the mouth, brows, pupils, eyes and cheek areas. These animated landmarks are mapped to drive your character rig through joints, blendshapes or a combination of the two.

Motion editing and post animation services

We can edit your data to fit your needs. From simple intersection removal to posing, looping, blending motions or full cut scene production.

Character and camera layout

Perhaps you need assistance with scene assembly and composition. We can help, preparing scenes and laying out character and camera composition depending on your requirements.

Crowd scene creation and simulation

Our team can assist an asset creation for Golaem crowd simulation. Our knowledge of the required motions for path finding means we can assist in directing motions and converting them for use in Golaem. We can also assist in integrating custom skeleton assets and motions from a variety of sources.

Data selection process - trimmer

Our in house data selection package Trimmer has been a big hit with our clients since it was introduced over 5 years ago. Trimmer allows clients to review video reference of every take captured during a shoot and build a data order by defining cuts within preferred takes.

We aim to get the Trimmer package from each shoot day to clients by the following morning so the process of creating a data order can begin as soon as possible.

Data delivery types and formats

We pride ourselves on our adaptability and flexibility when working with client pipelines, ensuring that data conforms not only to rigs but any special requirements that might be necessary for seamless integration.

Data delivery can be supplied on client rigs at frame rates between 150 and 12 frames per second. Primary export format is FBX for integration in to the Autodesk suite of DCC packages. We also support 3ds Max biped format for character animation. Prop data can be supplied as solved geometry, plotted to skinned assets or as a marker cloud, to suit.

Our Portfolio

We produce work for clients across the entertainment industry. Explore our portfolio!


At Centroid we are fortunate to work in a very exciting and fast moving industry. Our motion capture services have a wide variety of applications including sport, the arts and medical sciences but primarily we work in Games, TV and Film


As well as film, the Video Games market was also one of the early adopters of motion capture technology, using it for in-game locomotion as well as cinematic sequences.


One of the first movies to use motion capture was Lost in Space and Centroid were fortunate enough to cut our teeth on this CG heavy production. Since then our portfolio of work on major feature film productions has grown exponentially.


Of recent years television has increasingly embraced motion capture. Storylines that utilise partial or full CG effects are increasingly popular, and utilise our studio to bring these new worlds to life.