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Pre-production consultation

This is the road map to a successful shoot and efficient post production phase. A consultation provides an opportunity to fully understand the unique needs of our clients and ensure everything that follows runs as efficiently as possible. During this period we will find you the right performers, source or plan any construction work required, ensure the required characters and environments are in place for onset previs, set up an FTP service for your data transfer & delivery needs and generally get things organised.

Casting and talent sourcing

Getting the right talent is crucial to any production. Centroid has nearly twenty years of collaboration with some of the best talent and casting agencies in the industry. We have an extensive catalogue of performers with skills such as: stage acting, creature performers, acrobats, combat/martial artists and stuntmen/physical actors. If we donít have the right talent on our books then we can organise casting sessions to fulfil your exact requirements.

Prop and set building/sourcing

Although we have an exceptionally equipped studio, there are occasions when bespoke builds are required. If it’s beyond our scope, our various partners on site at Pinewood will able to supply your needs. These include prop builders, riggers, stunt coordinators and also weapons specialists who can train performers. Whatever you need we can ensure it is in place and compliant with a motion capture system prior to the shoot commencing.

Studio demonstration

Whether you are familiar with MoCap or just considering the technology, taking advantage of one of our studio demonstrations allows you an overview of the entire process.

This can help you understand how we capture the data and how it will finally fit into your post pipeline. It’s also a chance to test your assets, ask questions, explore avenues and see what’s possible to capture in one of Europe’s largest motion capture studios.

Sample data

Planning and preparation has always allowed Centroid to stay head of the game. Our post team request character assets prior to a shoot to test delivery pipelines and ensure the post production phase is timely and efficient.


Pinewood has 24 hour guarded security, with CCTV and digital entry systems.

Securing your IP is our highest priority. Our meeting and post rooms are set away from the studio. Rest assured, whether you are in pre-production, capturing in our studio or in post-production, you will not be disturbed.

All data processing remains in-house, ensuring it is always in safe hands. Onsite storage is secure with access limited to key staff only. Once processed our post team use secure FTP for data delivery.

Our Portfolio

We produce work for clients across the entertainment industry. Explore our portfolio!


At Centroid we are fortunate to work in a very exciting and fast moving industry. Our motion capture services have a wide variety of applications including sport, the arts and medical sciences but primarily we work in Games, TV and Film


As well as film, the Video Games market was also one of the early adopters of motion capture technology, using it for in-game locomotion as well as cinematic sequences.


One of the first movies to use motion capture was Lost in Space and Centroid were fortunate enough to cut our teeth on this CG heavy production. Since then our portfolio of work on major feature film productions has grown exponentially.


Of recent years television has increasingly embraced motion capture. Storylines that utilise partial or full CG effects are increasingly popular, and utilise our studio to bring these new worlds to life.