Centroid's bespoke character pipelines have been engaged in multiple projects away from the Film, Games and Television industries. We continue to explore many project developments that utilise Performance Capture in the hope to discover new and intriguing virtual territories. 

If you work in the Community, Arts, Sports or Education and have a project you think could be realised through Performance Capture, why not give us a call? 


Our Community programme is aimed at unmasking Performance Capture and demystifying it's often hidden magic for the masses. This has frequently been brought about by opening our doors to prime time magazine shows, visits by MPs, Heads of State and news channels.

Prime Minister's Studio Visit

Centroid were honoured to be asked to put on a demo for the Prime Minister David Cameron when he visited Pinewood Studios in January 2012. Phil gave a detailed overview of Motion Capture to the guests including Lord Julian Fellowes and must have been well received as we received a Christmas card from Number 10!

Children in Need 2012: Pudsey vs Pudsey

Once again we set up our Mobile Unit to capture moves to bring to life the lovable Pudsey Bear, this time he was joined by his namesake, winner of BGT: Pudsey the dog (and not forgetting trainer Ashleigh) for some green screen fun.

Watch the clip here:  www.youtube.com/watch and a great making of here: www.youtube.com/watch

BBC Entertainment Idents - Heavenly

Heavenly hired us to capture the moves of some incredible dancers for their run of BBC Entertainment Idents and we think the results look amazing.

See for yourself here:



Jeremy Hunt - Studio Visit

Another studio visit by a top MP, this time Jeremy Hunt, at the time Culture Secretary, who came down to our Pinewood studio back in 2012 to get a Mocap masterclass from Phil.

Dan Jarvis MP - Studio Visit

It was a pleasure to welcome Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, Dan Jarvis when he visited Centroid to find out more about Motion Capture back in November 2011.

Children In Need 2011 - Pudsey Goes 3D

The BBC asked us to get involved with the lovely folk at Hello Charlie by capturing a dancer to help them turn their classic Children In Need icon, Pudsey into a 3D animated character. We got in our favorite body popper and captured some excellent breakdancing moves which enabled Pudsey to moonwalk all over the screens on the night.

Follow this link to see Pudsey's moves from the night on Hello Charlie's website: www.hellocharlie.com/work/view/bbc-children-in-need

President of Majorca - Studio Visit

We were asked by Pinewood to put on a demo for the studio visit of the President of Majorca, Mr José Ramón Bauzá when he came to the studios for a tour and meetings to strengthen the UK film industry ties with Majorca.

Prime Minister of Malta - Studio Visit

In October 2012 Centroid welcomed the Prime Minister of Malta, Lawrence Gonzi to our Pinewood facility for a demonstration on Motion Capture. We put on a great demo thanks to the skilled crew and performers and the dignitaries all enjoyed the show.

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China

In April 2012 we opened our Pinewood facility doors to The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, it was a great honour to put on a demo showcasing Motion Capture to the esteemed Mr Li Changchun and his invited guests, thanks to Dom for his martial arts prowess.

The One Show

Angelica Bell from The One Show popped down to Pinewood for a Mocap master class from Phil. Thanks to TT Animation for use of the assets from What's Your News?

Watch the full clip here:


ITV News with Fred Dinnage

Video. Watch Fred as he gets transformed into a blue ant at Pinewood Studios!


We had a visit from the legendary TV presenter Fred Dinnage who popped by to learn all about Motion Capture for ITV News.

He spoke to motion capture expert Phil Stilgoe and performer William Todd-Jones to find out more about their complex and cutting edge work in animation.

With thanks to TT Animation for use of assets.

London Children's Film Festival 2010


In Summer of 2010 Centroid took our mobile rig up to the Barbican for a weekend of live demoing Mocap to the children attending the LCFF. A great time was had by all and hopefully we have inspired some of children to become future VFX Producers.



Vince Cable - Studio Visit

In August 2011, we were visited by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills to discuss Centroid's support for the government backed apprentice scheme and to learn more about Motion Capture.

Jackson Visits Centroid

In 2004 we worked with the wonderfully talented Biomimics, Brian and Wendy Froud, Todd Jones and Rob Tygner to create this Full Performance pipeline combining Motion Capture and Live Puppetry. It was a special shoot in many ways and the friendships made last to this day.

Watch the clip here (excuse the quality, it was a long time ago!)


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  • BBC Entertainment Idents - Heavenly
  • Jeremy Hunt - Studio Visit
  • Dan Jarvis MP - Studio Visit
  • Children In Need 2011 - Pudsey Goes 3D
  • President of Majorca - Studio Visit
  • Prime Minister of Malta - Studio Visit
  • The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China
  • The One Show
  • ITV News with Fred Dinnage
  • London Children's Film Festival 2010
  • Vince Cable - Studio Visit
  • Jackson Visits Centroid

 Our Arts programme was originally inspired by Artists wishing to explore new ways to use Performance Capture to achieve their concepts. From unusual shoots on stage to taking our location kit to theatres for live shows and interactive events, we are always delighted to be approached with ideas and visions, no matter how abstract they may appear in the print of a treatment!


Once again Nick Knight and SHOWstudio got in touch with another exciting project, Hip Hop royality Kanye West visited our Shepperton facility to run through the track BLKK SKKKN HEAD whilst we captured his performance. We think this is an outstanding piece and are proud to have been involved, follow this link to see the clip in full:


Noise - Mr Kaplin


It was a pleasure to be involved with the talented chaps at Mr Kaplin as we captured the moves that would become this beautiful piece for LDN magazine.

Enjoy the clip:



Ming XI - Nick Knight


Fashion legend Nick Knight and SHOWstudio booked us for a mobile shoot at Park Royal to capture Ming Xi moves for this fantastic clip:


Kiss The Stars - Pixie Lott


Julian Gibbs directed the latest video for Pixie Lott entitled ‘Kiss The Stars’. Centroid captured the movements for the robotic backing dancers for Intro.

The video sees Pixie in a futuristic 3D world of intense colour alongside a troupe of glossy, robotic dancers created using motion capture technology.

Director: Julian Gibbs
Post-production: Intro
See the clip here:
Virtual Cellist - Matthew Barley

For Matthews 4 day residency at Kings Place, London back in September 2009, he wanted to become the Virtual Cellist and got in touch with Centroid to help make this come true. After plenty of rehearsals both musically and technically we were all ready for the show. In front of an audience of 300 Matthew put on a wonderful performance where his strokes fired off spectacular visuals live, mixed by his VJ.

To see a 12 minute edit of the show, follow this link:


These Bones of Mine - Curious Directive

We worked closely with Jack, Gareth, Katherine and the rest of the Curious Directive crew to help them achieve their vision of a live theatre piece incorporating live Previs. When showtime came around Centroid set up our mobile system and the crew held their nerve whilst the performance went off without a single hiccup. It is always thrilling to operate live in front of an audience and this was no exception. 

Tiger Lily - La Roux

Stamp hired us to carry out the facial optical capture for La Roux's Tiger Lily promo and we had a great day out on location with Phil on markering duty with Ms Jackson. Sadly the final video never came out but here is a link to the making of:


Arden - Square Zero

Through a combination of carefully chosen footage, seemlessly crafted CGI, live action shoot and voice recording, advertising legend Paul Arden appeared at Cannes 2010, 2 years after his sad pasing.

The highly publicised controversial piece was in fact created with the blessings of Paul's family for the Saatchi and Saatchi showcase.

Centroid captured the body movement for Square Zero.

Please follow this link to see the clip:


Abba - Square Zero

Square Zero visited us at Pinewood and directed the motion capture shoot of an Abba tribute band and then had loads of fun creating these Abba Avatars.

The resulting songs were featured as an intercative exhibit at the AbbaWorld show where Abba fans could get up on stage and sing and dance with these holographic versions of their idols.

Phantom Limb Pain - Julie Born Schwarz


"I interviewed people around the United Kingdom who have lost one or several limbs and who all experience ‘phantom limb pain’, a phenomena of a sensation where the missing limb is still attached to the body. Interested in the ‘mirror box’ treatment invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, I also talked to a scientist in Cardiff using virtual mirrors and hypnoses in his treatments." - Julie Born Schwartz

Go To Sleep - Radiohead

We optically captured Thom Yorke's facial movements for this (at the time) groundbreaking video. Getting the chance to work with the mighty Radiohead was an absolute pleasure.

Check out the whole clip here:


DJ Fatboy Slim Audio Visual World First

Plastic Pictures Say: "Our head honcho and gfx genius Tim Fleming (Fatboy’s Audio Visual Director on his days off!) created a world first, using high-tech motion capture techniques @ the famous Pinewood Studios. “As part of his act, the visuals we developed involved a 3D version of Norman’s head, synched to his audio mix and visuals, allowing him full control of when to drop the 3D creations acapella style into his set”, explained Tim. “The crowd erupted when Fatboy’s 3D head appeared singing the lyrics to Star 69.

In 2011, you’ll see Fatboy’s 3D head popping out at shows plus featured on promotional materials.

Massive shout out to Cubic Motion and Centroid who collaborated with Plastic on this project. Respect."



Rodminator - Rod Stewart


For Rod Stewarts 2008 world tour, Centroid were approached to supply the motion capture services so they could create the 'Rodminator' a cyborg version of  Mr Stewart which was played on the screens at the tour venues.

Muse - Dancing Aliens

For Muse's sell out world tour back in 2010, Centroid helped create and capture the alien band who performed on the screens along with Cornwall's finest. 


Flying & Falling - Anna Nicole Ziesche


Anna-Nicole Ziesche graduated in MA Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2000. Her shift towards film and performance art began in her last year MA Fashion when she made the film ‘Infinite Repetition’ for her final show at the Truman Brewery in 2000. The film suggested a new way of communicating fashion and revealed a process of continuously developing designs and shapes. Anna-Nicole came to Centroid Pinewood in 2010 and captured a performer on wires for her short 'Flying and Falling'

Please click the link to view the clip:


Word Up - Melanie B

Back in 1999 Centroid got to work with a Spice Girl on this cover of the classic tune.

Watch the clip here:


Line Dance - Alex Reuben

Back in 2002 Centroid were approached by the artist Alex Reubens to capture 2 dancers for his Arts Council funded Project 'Line Dance' for MJW Productions. The clip was shown on Channel 4 and Nominated for Best British Short Film (Encounters) and part of the British Council’s Best of British Dance Film’s DVD, Forward Motion:

Line Dance is inspired by dancing in a Brixton nightclub with dancer Afua Awuku and the dynamic paintings of Jackson Pollock. It combines state of the art, 24 camera, computer game technology, with the pioneering animation techniques of Norman McClaren and Stan Brakhage.

 Watch the full clip here: www.alexreuben.com/home/line-dance

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  • Noise - Mr Kaplin
  • Ming XI - Nick Knight
  • Kiss The Stars - Pixie Lott
  • Virtual Cellist - Matthew Barley
  • These Bones of Mine - Curious Directive
  • Tiger Lily - La Roux
  • Arden - Square Zero
  • Abba - Square Zero
  • Phantom Limb Pain - Julie Born Schwarz
  • Go To Sleep - Radiohead
  • DJ Fatboy Slim Audio Visual World First
  • Rodminator - Rod Stewart
  • Muse - Dancing Aliens
  • Flying & Falling - Anna Nicole Ziesche
  • Word Up - Melanie B
  • Line Dance - Alex Reuben

 Our Sports programme builds on the already established link between Motion Capture and sports analysis. From the early uses of tracking athletes performances, physiotherapy recovery to commercials for sports products and opening titles for sporting TV events, Centroid's pipelines have evolved to explore them all. One of our greatest achievements in this field was working with LOCOG on the now legendary London 2012 Olympic games.

UEFA European Qualifiers 2014

The hugely talented Jump Design came down with a couple of outstanding footballers for capturing the moves required for these beautiful opening titles for UEFA's European Qualifiers 2014.  


Hoxton RedSox - Laws of Cricket


Watford FC

We spent a great day capturing Watford's up and coming stars for training analysis, it was incredible to see these talented player's skills so close.



London Olympics 2012

It was an immense honour to have been involved with what is probably the greatest sporting event in memory. Centroid captured the movements of some of Team GB's most outstanding athletes’ in nearly 20 different disciplines in the lead up to the games. From Tennis at Wimbledon to Trampolining at Shepperton Studios (with 10m high towers for our cameras!), we had an incredible time and are very proud of the work we did.

Sky Test Cricket Titles 2011

Another fun day in the studio with the chaps from Sky Creative who did great work on the Post Production for this title sequence for the Test Cricket in 2011

Director: Chris Wilcocks 


Rugby World Cup 2011 - ITV Title Sequence

Another Rugby job but this time for the outstanding credit sequence for ITV's coverage of the World Cup 2011.

Welsh Rugby Union

We were hired by those lovely people at Mainframe to capture Welsh International and British Lions Legend Jamie Roberts for the creation of all screen GFX for Welsh Rugby Union games held at the Millennium Stadium. It was a fantastic shoot and great to work with Jamie, even when our crew had to stand in for the tackles!

BSkyb Superleague - Title Sequence 2010

We were hired by our friends at Sky Creative for production and post-production to capture the rugby players for these excellent credit sequences for BSkyB's coverage of Superleague 2010.

Director, Chris Wilcock.


Whilst working on a 3D football tutorial with Sports 3D this great BTS clip was shot, watch the full clip here:


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  • Hoxton RedSox - Laws of Cricket
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  • London Olympics 2012
  • Sky Test Cricket Titles 2011
  • Rugby World Cup 2011 - ITV Title Sequence
  • Welsh Rugby Union
  • BSkyb Superleague - Title Sequence 2010
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Our Education programme was designed to offer Centroid as an industry partner to schools and universities teaching courses in animation and visual effects. We have established strong ties with both universities and digital learning centres and continue to develop in-house Performance Capture modules for both industry professionals and students alike. We firmly believe industry and education working together is the way forward to enhance and innovate the UK's next generation of Film, Game and Television technicians.

Next Gen Skills Academy

The NGSA is a government supported collaboration between Industry, Further and Higher Education to be launched autumn 2014. Centroid is supporting this great initiative and Phil (Centroid’s CEO) has been selected to be the lead employee for the academy.


For more details:


BFI Amersham & Wycombe College VFX Academy

We were asked to support the BFI & Amersham and Wycombe College VFX Academy in February 2014, part of the 9 day residential was for  5 groups of future talent in the VFX worldcoming to our Shepperton facility. The remit was for the participants to create their own action trailer for the next super hero visual effects movie whilst working with industry professionals. We also sent our Head of Production Stoo Haskayne to the college to give his insights into the world of motion capture.


Centroid has a strong standing relationship with the world famous National Film and Television School. Every year we welcome their students to our facility to give them an opportunity to learn from Industry professionals and to capture data for their end of year projects. The results are always impressive and we look forward to seeing these students in the future when they are VFX professionals.


Amersham & Wycombe College

Amersham and Wycombe College is one of the countries leading bases for VFX education and Centroid have supplied equipment for their Motion Capture Facility, known as Centroid Academy, founded in 2012. Student's use this facility for training and in house projects and it also gives Centroid valuable R&D support. We also welcome their Animation students to our facility every year for on set experience.


Bucks New Uni

Centroid is an industry partner, working with tutors to develop course modules in motion capture as well as offering students work experience at our Shepperton facility.



University of Falmouth

The home of Centroid Lab! Industry partner offering support to student led Mocap R&D.We are also proud to be involved in the Alacrity project:

Alacrity Falmouth is an innovative graduate programme designed to place talented graduates in teams that incubate into incorporated, investible companies. Forging the growth of digital games in Cornwall, the UK and worldwide through the generation of high-value business, Alacrity is based on tried and tested methodology.

For more details follow this link



Central St Martins

Centroid facilitated a motion capture show and tell for their students, and ran an art led R&D programme for some of their fine art students.

Please follow these links to view the final pieces:

Clip 1: www.youtube.com/watch

Clip 2: www.youtube.com/watch

Clip 3: www.youtube.com/watch

Clip 4: www.youtube.com/watch


Lighthouse 2013

In the summer of 2013, Centroid once again joined up with Lighthouse to work on the 3 day Motion Capture course, which included 2 days in the studio working on the pieces below and a day in Brighton with some of the industries most experienced talents giving a masterclass

Follow these links to see the groups final pieces:


Group 1: www.youtube.com/watch

Group 2: www.youtube.com/watch


London College of Communication

We ran their first motion capture show and tell, and created animation files to expand on project content.

Lighthouse 2012


We collaborate with Lighthouse to offer 3 day Motion Capture courses which include talks from Industry giants as well as 2 days at our facility where the course attendees get to take on all the roles a regular production would have and develop and shoot their own piece. Here are 2012's final pieces:

Group 1: www.youtube.com/watch

Group 2: www.youtube.com/watch


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