About Us

Located at the world famous Pinewood and Shepperton Studios with a purpose built Full Performance Capture studio, Centroid boasts one of the industry's largest and most advanced facilities available today. Established in 1996 and with over a decade of experience in Full Performance Capture, Centroid offers both full optical and head mounted camera solutions to suit the ever changing requirements of the entertainment industry.

Centroid's comprehensive list of facilities and services, from production pre-visualisation to finished post production animation, along with a strict secure data environment, ensure we deliver on time, to the highest quality and with project security guaranteed. Our strong relationships with award winning collaborators allow for convergence of supplementary services such as audio recording, body/face scanning, prop building, stunt crews and trained creature performers, enabling us to offer our clients a complete Production service.

Centroid continues to R&D internal solutions for Real Time Live Pre-visualisation of actor performances within digital assets and plates, utilising both fixed and hand held virtual cameras with our Full Performance Capture pipelines and bandwidth capable of recording up to 10 performers simultaneously.

An inventory of 168 hi-resolution Motion Analysis cameras enables Centroid to shoot on location and in-house. Offering both truss mounted and tri-pod configurations, bespoke performance volumes to capture animals, or shoots in more unusual environments such as ice rinks, equestrian centres and tennis courts are always possible. Furthermore our new Raptor system affords us increased flexibility to work on set under film lighting and outside in natural environments.

As well as continuing as the hub of our internal development and R&D, Centroid Serbia now offers motion capture outsource services and the latest pipelines to Eastern Europe and beyond.

This year has seen the launch of Centroid India, an operation setup to nurture and capitalise on the emerging market requirements for high end Performance capture and animation services across Asia.

Centroid News
Two Positions Available in Post Team for Animation Graduates and Aspiring Mocap Technicians
Motion Editor (fixed term contract)